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Pak Ermi, as he is fondly called by his friends and business relations, was born 58 years ago in the town of Suliki, West Sumatra. He completed his elementary education in 1967 and his junior high school in 1970. Three years thereafter he went to Pekanbaru in the neighboring province of Riau to enroll at the Sekolah Asisten Apoteker. Armed with knowledge in pharmacy this 19-year old lad decided to work in the Jhony Dumai Medicine Shop for a couple of years. Then this enterprising youth became the owner of his own Medicine Shop called Abadi Duri, which he managed until 1980. Afterwards he joined PT Hoechst Germany as Medical Representative for two years.

At the young age of 28 Ermi made an about turn and was appointed as the Branch Manager of Natrabu Tours and Travel based in Padang, Capital of his home province West Sumatra. It was here that he made his mark and served as Head of the West Sumatra Branch of Natrabu for 24 years. Finally, with all the experience he had till 2007 he decided to form his own Ermi Tours and Travel and led it till now as its Director.

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